The books have arrived!

A semi truck rolled up and the driver asked, “You got a forklift?“… Uh, no. “Well I have a pallet of books,” … the books, which my Kickstarter campaign brought into the world, weigh in at 796 pounds. I printed a thousand with the KS pledges as seed money.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 20.23.21

This proved to be a bit of a logistical effort as I stacked half of the boxes in the darkroom on the sink…

Screenshot 2016-01-30 20.23.51Yet another use for the darkroom sink…

The rest of the boxes are home and open and ready to sign. The next phase begins Sunday morning as I sign 250 books for Kickstarter supporters, print labels, stuff envelopes and get the books ready for the post.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 20.24.17
I am excited, at all 51 boxes!

Next, I need to figure out how to distribute the additional 750 books so they don’t just sit in my darkroom sink. Let me know if you missed the Kickstarter. I’ll probably figure out a way through this website or Amazon or Ebay. I honestly haven’t had the time to figure out that next part.

But first, it’s time to lick some envelopes… YUM!


2 thoughts on “796 POUNDS o’ BOOKS

  1. Hi – I might be interested in purchasing a copy. Also, have you read about using amazon to distribute your books. Somewhere along the way of researching how to run a Kickstarter project, I read a series of blog entries from a game designer about how he used them for fulfillment.

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    1. In order to get some publicity out there for DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to become a Professional Photographer I’ve put a download of the book on the 66Reasons.com website for people to share and review through October.
      Download link:

      You can put the PDF on your tablet and read it on the long flight to your next exotic photo adventure! And please tell your friends and colleagues about this offer on social media.
      The whole Don’t Shoot team appreciates it your support. Thanks again! -SDS


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