About Don’t Shoot

It’s like asking: “What can you tell me about working as a photographer?”
DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to Become a Professional Photographer is a humorous look at the very serious commercial photography business written by a pro photographer with over 20 years of experience. After teaching workshops, mentoring university students, and advising interns, assistants, and newbies, Schafer decided to cram an informal chat in between the covers of a funny book about the business. It’s a bit like having coffee with a mentor… and it has it’s fair share of tough lessons, stupid mistakes, cautionary tales, and hard-won advice.
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DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to Become a Professional Photographer Photography Business Book by S. Dirk Schafer
The book is chock full of relevant quotes by famous photographers, and stories about the process of establishing a business in an era when everyone has a camera. Written for those contemplating a picture-making career, DON’T SHOOT is a brutal (and funny) look at all the twiddly bits that go into succeeding as a photographer who gets paid. The book covers relationships, ethics, gear, contracts, branding, copyrights, working for free, perseverance, portfolios, style, critiques and what to expect from galleries, schools, spouses, clients, assistants, workshops and more…
If you’ve already gotten photo tips from jet-setting superstars and just want to hear from someone who quit his day job and has made photography pay the rent, this is the book. You’ve never heard of Dirk Schafer because he’s one of tens of thousands of pros in the world that wake up every day and get paid to take the pictures you see in ads and magazines. He’s made mistakes, traveled the world, lost clients, bought a house, done reshoots and heard “the check’s in the mail” more times then he cares to remember, but he keeps doing it and keeps loving it. This book is the down-to-earth reality-show of how hard, rewarding, and funny life as a professional photographer can be.
Image-wrap hardcover with glossy lamination. 6×6 inches, No photos, 160 pages.