Chapter 2 up on Medium.

An excerpt of Chapter 2 of the book: DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to become a Professional Photographer On Medium. Photographers note: IT GETS WORSE You know what sucks? You’ll never be as successful as you were on your first day taking pictures. The first time you pick up a camera you have no … More Chapter 2 up on Medium.


51% Funded!!!

I’ve been away from the computer doing a HABS photography project at the Presidio of San Francisco and while I was away DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to become a Professional Photographer hit 51% funded today! Thanks to all my terrific backers and get ready foranother barrage of e-mails and social media for the … More 51% Funded!!!


Here’s what we looked like on Kickstarter’s “new photography page” this morning at 9:14am. Only 31 days to go. Now it’s up to us to make this thing happen. Wish us luck (or better yet pledge as little as a dollar) to see the Don’t Shoot book come to fruition.

The video.

Here’s my Kickstarter video for DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to Become a Professional Photographer: Link to the project on the KICKSTARTER site. 

Late night prep …

Late night listening to Dirty Loops and getting ready to send out mockup DON’T SHOOT review copies to start off the #Kickstarter tomorrow. 
 Thanks to Zack Arias for the quote on chapter 28. I guess I still have a use for that 26-year-old light table.